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What are you looking for?


Are you looking for Good Friends ... a few people 

... to be real friends, trusted friends
... friends you can get to know well
... friends who will care about you
... friends you can trust and rely on
... friends who will encourage you in your faith and help you grow in Christ?

Are you looking for Genuine Relationships with people who are real?

... Tired of friendships that go nowhere?
... Relationships that are superficial?
... Feel like life is passing you by without meaning or purpose?

Are you looking for a Place to Belong?

... MECF supports a network of " Life Groups" (small groups that meet throughout the area with trained, caring, Christian leaders)

...You can "find a home" with a few others who love God, love one another and reach out to love others

Are you looking for a Place to Become?

... MECF Life Groups encourage & enable people to grow in their understanding of God's will for them. To grow as persons into the likeness of Jesus Christ. To grow as part of a caring community.

Are you looking for a caring community where others help you grow?

... Where you can serve others?
... Where God's love is at work?

Maybe it's time to look again at the Church

Metro-East Christian Fellowship is a family of believers in Jesus Christ. Our primary ministry occurs in small groups, which meet and supplement our Sunday morning "Worship and Word".


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