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These are the ministries/missionaries we support through our prayers, financial gifts, and other means of encouragement.




Gateway Center for World Missions

Ken and Martha Shirkey



Brent & Connie Gregory; Martha & Ken Shirkey

For over 20 years, Gateway Center for World Mission has been working to empower God's people in this great mission field by equipping and mentoring them with Biblical-based principles and providing them with opportunities to apply these principles in practical ways.

Ken and Martha have a vision - a "holy passion" - to spark a movement that will thrust 1 million missionaries into the global harvest over the next 10 years.

Ken and Martha Shirkey, founders and leaders of Gateway Center for World Mission, are an apostolic couple embodying the words and ministry of Saint Paul.

Please pray for this ministry - pray for the safety of those on the mission field, and that Gateway Center for World Mission will indeed reach their million missionary goal.



Barnabas International

Brent and Connie Gregory

 David, Brent, Connie, Lidiane, and Micah

Brent and Connie Gregory, along with their sons Micah and David, served 10 years in the Brazilian Amazon with Project AmaZon (PAZ).  Brent and Connie provided administrative support for the mission, and the whole family was active in evangelism, small group ministry, and discipleship to Brazilians.

During their last 3 years in Brazil, Brent and Connie assumed the role of Member Care providers for Mission PAZ.  God has given them a passion to "serve those who serve."  They spent most of 2015 in a member care internship at Heartstream Resources, one of the premier member care agencies in the world.  They currently serve with Barnabas International as  Missionary and Pastor Care Providers.

Brent and Connie reside in Tremont, IL, where they also help their home church with missionary care.  Their oldest son Micah and his wife Lidiane are pursuing academics and career in West Virginia.  Their son David lives in Tremont, where he is working and studying for a career in health care.



Hands and Feet Ministry

Buck and Krista Breckle


Eli, Luke and Chloe with Buck and Krista

The Hands & Feet Ministry is headed up by Buck and Krista Breckle.  This Ministry focuses on the immediate and unexpected needs of people in our congregation and those who are not.  Hands & Feet falls under the umbrella of the Kingdom Expansion Team, and is funded by donations specifically allocated to the Ministry.

This Ministry handles everything from delivering meals to those in time of need to helping someone move.  God has given Buck and Krista a passion to help those in need.  This Ministry directly impacts their compassion for and desire to help others.  Buck and Krista organize all volunteers to match skills with needs, and to ensure that a weekly schedule is in place for delivery of foods.

Buck and Krista have 3 young children - Eli, Chloe, and Luke.  Their entire family have joined other members of a team on several MECF short-term mission trips where they have been able to  help others in need.  Not only do Buck and Krista impact the people they help, but Eli, Chloe, and Luke have been key in playing with and building relationships with the children.

If you have a need, please contact the church office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or e-mail Buck and Krista directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Mosaic Pregnancy and Health Care

Kathy (Sparks) Lesnoff


Mosaic Pregnancy and Health Care (PHC) Centers offer free confidential services related to pregnancy and sexual health.  Since their inception in 1987, Mosaic has helped over 13,000 women make unplanned pregnancy decisions.

Founded by Kathy (Sparks) Lesnoff, Mosaic PHC is a non-profit organization funded through the generous support of individuals and organizations who care about ministry for those with unplanned pregnancies in the Metro East area and providing adequate care.

Mosaic does not perform or refer for abortion.  Every client who steps through the door for help is counseled by a compassionate professional or trained volunteer, and every client hears the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for the continued success of Mosaic PHC in reaching each and every client with the Gospel.  Pray for wisdom and an open heart for all the young women who are struggling to make decisions during unplanned pregnancies, that they will not choose abortion, but will choose life.

For more information on the Belleville Mosaic Ministry, visit www.supportmosaic.com.



Open Gates International

Bob and Jan Claus

Bob and Jan

Bob and Jan Claus began doing mission work in 1994.  In 1999, they founded Open Gates International.  Open Gates is a religious and humanitarian organization whose main mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God has given Bob and Jan a heart for the unsaved.  They have spent months at a time building relationships while living in Jericho, Ukraine, Russia, and the West Bank. While living in these different countries, they have assisted in everything from providing food, clothing, and school supplies to installing toilets, helping widows, and feeding hungry children in orphanages.

They have also gone on many short-term mission trips to reach people all over the world, including Israel, Kosovo, Indonesia, India, and Jamaica.  While on these short-term trips, they scout the area to determine if the harvest is ripe for them to serve for a longer time.  Their hearts are with the people in the former Soviet Union and in the Middle East, but they go wherever God leads them.

In all of these places, they helped to spread the Good Word about Jesus and all He has done for us - that He is the Son of God, that He died for our sins, and that He rose again on the third day, and that He will return again.

Open Gates also helps others go on the mission field.  Anyone who feels called to go can contact Open Gates and have any funds raised put into a dedicated account to be used for their financial support.  To contact Open Gates International, you can send an e-mail to Bob and Jan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Serving in Mission



Tambaya and his family


Serving in Mission (SIM) is an international organization with more than 4,000 workers serving in more than 70 countries.  The SIM members serve God among many diverse people groups in every continent.  Through SIM, Metro-East Christian Fellowship (MECF) supports Tambaya, who works with the Wodaabe-Fulani in Niger, Africa.


Tambaya has been known to the body at MECF for 16 years.  He was just a teenager when a short-term mission team from MECF first met him.  During an open prayer meeting, the Lord invited Pastor Rich to pray over Tambaya in what turned out to be a prayer of ordination.

Since that event in the early Spring of 1999, Tambaya has grown in his faith, in his knowledge of the Lord, and in spiritual wisdom.  After graduating from seminary in Nigeria, he began pasturing his people in local gatherings and in nomadic settings in the far reaches of the mid-Sahara.

Tambaya is highly respected as a Christian servant-leader.  He is now a primary leader in efforts to translate the Bible and supplemental Christian study materials from French into the Fufulde language, having completed the New Testament early this year.  He has spearheaded the production of field-friendly audio-visual material for Christian instruction of Muslims that is being used in five nations, including Niger, Chad, La, Benin, and Burkina Faso.

SIMs Purpose and Mission:

  • "Convinced that no one should live and die without hearing God's Good News, we believe that He has called us to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in communities where He is least known."
  • Compelled by God's love and empowered by the Holy Spirit, Sim crosses barriers to proclaim the crucified and risen Christ, making disciples who will trust and obey Jesus and become part of Christ-centered churches.

SIM works together with churches - to fulfill God's mission across cultures all over the world, and to facilitate the participation in cross-cultural ministry of those whom God is calling.



Christ Cares Ministry


Brother Robert Stone



Brother Robert Stone

Brother Robert Stone founded Christ Cares Ministry in 2000, and is known as the Missionary to the Appalachians.  He travels monthly to various churches to collect food and clothing, then returns to the Appalachian region to distribute them to the people in need in Boonesville, KY, and Bandy, VA, - the poorest counties in the United States.

We as a church body have been part of this Ministry since 2015.  We have been supporting the Ministry financially and by collecting food for the families.  We have also sent backpacks filled with school supplies and Christmas boxes for the children.

In the summer of 2016, some of the members of MECF went with Brother Stone to the counties to meet the people we have been supporting, and to offer help to families if needed.  The children made friends with the children in the Appalachians.  Two of the ladies had prepared various activities for the children, and they were greatly received.  A "Weenie and S'mores Night" provided a wonderful opportunity to meet and talk with the people of the area.

There were opportunities to help in community outreach.  Many of the women worked together to sort and label the items in the food pantries.  They were also able to host a food and clothing give-away.  The men were able to bless one family by building a ramp for their 17-year-old granddaughter, who is in a wheelchair.  Before the ramp was built, the grandfather had to carry the girl from the house to his car.

Truly the Lord led the team to meet, care for, pray for/with, and provide support to meet the needs of the children and adults there.

Please pray for the families in these areas, as they have desperate needs for food and clothing, but also for jobs and self-worth.  Pray for Brother Stone as he travels great distances every month to collect and distribute all the items.  And pray for the churches from whom Brother Stone collects, that they are filled with a spirit of generosity and good-will as they help provide for the families.

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